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Apr 14

Motorbike racing

The Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix has becomes synonymous with the adrenaline rush of motorbike racing. All competing four-stroke engine bikes are categorized into three classes:  MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3. The Grand Prix motorcycles are custom designed for racing purposes, many a times according to the specific requirement of the rider. Neither are they available commercially nor can they be ridden on the roads legally. First organized in 1949 by the Federation, after passing many hands and creating many legends the commercial rights have passed on the Dorna Sports.

The craze and the tradition still continue to stimulate the same rush of excitement and expectation among millions of followers all over the world. These worldwide motorbike racing championships have created legends like Giacomo Agostini, Angel Nieto, Valentino Rossi and many more. The tracks have witnessed some of the fiercest, swiftest as well as craftiest races of the recent times. The Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing World Championship is held every year.

The 2014 MotoGP opener was held in Qatar on the 23 of March. Where, the new king of the world motorbike racing champions, Marc Marquez beat nine times MotoGP champion and legend Valentino Rossi despite his not very old leg injury. Connoisseurs are seeing this as a promising sign and a bright future for Marc Marquez. Marquez only took control in the last nine out of the twenty two laps remaining. He represents Repsol Honda. It is to be noted that Rossi, from 2002 to 2003 represented Honda. However this lead was not long-lasting as Rossi caught him up on his Yamaha on the second last lap. This continuous change of lead occurred a few times till Marquez established his lead in the final lap and Rossi could not gain the proximity required to pass Marquez. The third position was occupied by Dani Pedrosa representing Repsol Honda.

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Jan 14

Rivalry Continues

The Isle of Man TT will see the return of the sensational Ryan Farquhar. Keith Amor, his old rival has joined the KMR Kawasaki team and will be competing in the Lightweight Race. Farquhar was off from the tracks since 2012 after Trevor Ferguson, his uncle expired from a crash in the Manx Grand Prix in his own machine known as the Supertwin.

Alongside Keith Amor the 37 year old Ryan Farquhar will hit the roads and both of them will be hungry to win the competition. Keith Amor will also be making a comeback after his shoulder injury in 2011. These two have had a long time rivalry and they have been involved in some of the most memorable battles in the past.

The main attraction in the race will definitely be the fact that both of them will be riding the same bike which is Kawasaki ER6. The riders will go for the Mountain Course in the month of June this year. In an interview with News Letter, Farquhar said that there are lots of preparations that needs to be done and most importantly he would have to do TT before anything else. The whole team has worked really hard for the last two weeks and they are hoping to make a mark this season.

On the other hand Keith will get a Lightweight TT bike and he will be sponsored by Manx Gas. The color of the bike is yet to be decided. Keith has added that it would be an easy three lap race for him and he would be like to just enjoy himself during the race. Both the riders explained how their past has haunted them these 2 years and the comeback would be really important for both of them.

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Bar Dancin at Biketoberfest

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Nov 13

Marquez wins Moto GP in his first season

Spanish Moto GP rider Marc Marquez, who is just twenty years of age, has become the youngest rider to snatch the Moto GP world championship title. At the Valencia Grand Prix, in Spain, Marc ended his race in the 3rd position.

Jorge Lorenzo, the two times world champion, claimed his 8th win of the season, but this was not enough to knock over Marc Marquez’s thirteen point lead that he extended in the race. At last, there was only 4 points difference between them.

Dani Pedrosa, Marc Marquez’s teammate, ended 2nd. After the race, Marquez told that he could not explain what he felt; this was like a dream come true. He added that he was probably very clear early in the season and after that Jorge Lorenzo came shooting at the end and he
had to hold his nerve in   the last race. He is really overjoyed.

Requiring only ending the race in top – 4 to seal the win in his very first year in Moto GP, Marc Marquez begun on pole position but he was quickly overtaken by Jorge Lorenzo going in the 1st corner.

Dani also moved past Marc and a stunning fight between Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa resulted as the latter was in attempt to bunch the leading field in an effort to heighten Marc’s scopes of sliding down on the pack. Still, his program as both Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa ran wide and led Marc to move in front for a short period of time.

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kawasaki 454

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Afternoon Adventure

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