Oct 14

1993 Kawasaki Vulcan Vn1500A

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Sep 14

2000 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 @iMotorsports 8696

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Aug 14

Barrichello Background

Rubens Barrrichello is a former Formula One driver who spent almost two decades in the sport, racing for various top teams including Ferrari, Williams and Jordan,

After he lost his driver’s seat in the Williams team, the Brazilian moved to the Indy Car Series in 2012 in the United States of America but with limited opportunities there as well, he moved back to his native Brazil in 2013 and started racing the Brazilian Stock Car V8 Series.

The Brazilian holds the record of scoring the tenth highest points tally in the Formula One Drivers’ World Championship. He was a team mate of the legendary Michael Schumacher at Ferrari between 2000 and 2005 and spent his most successful spell in Formula One with the prancing horse as he finished second to the German in the Formula One Drivers’ World Championship twice, in 2002 and 2004.

Having started his career in the sport as a rookie with Jordan, Rubens Barrrichello quickly made a name for himself as one of the most promising drivers in the grid and spent four seasons with the team before a move to the Stewart team in 1997.

His time at Stewart would prove to be the foundation of his later career and despite a difficult start, he showed glimpses of his talents that earned him a seat at Ferrari alongside Schumacher.

Following his stint with Ferrari, the Brazilian spent two seasons with Honda between 2006 and 2008 before a rebranding meant it would become Brawn GP in 2009. After just one season with Brawn GP, Rubens Barrrichello was on the move again, this time to Williams but he never managed to recapture the form he had shown with Ferrari and Stewart and at the end of the 2011 season, it was announced that he would leave Formula One for the Indy Car Series.

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Jul 14

Trulli To Drive In F1 E Championship

This year in June it was announced that Jarno Trulli will at the inaugural formula one F1 E championship. In the 2012 season also Trulli drove in this championship, but next year, it was announced that he will not continue with F1 E championship anymore as he was replaced by Vitali Petrov. Trulli is one of the most experienced drivers of the formula one sport as he drove for Team Lotus also. In 2011, he partnered with Kavaleinen. This year the F1 E championship has been named after Trulli’s name.

This year the season will be termed as Trulli GP Formula E championship. With the recent announcement, Jarno Trulli has taken over the entry of Dryson Racing.  After getting the approval from FIA, the 39 year old Italian’s team has started as the 10th team in the formula one E championship. Dryson Technology will be the principal technology partner of the TrulliGP team in this championship. “I am very pleased that FIA has chosen us as the 10th team in this event. I myself in my career had a fantastic experience with this sport. My involvement with the F1 E championship will be a challenge for me,” said the experienced driver.

Trulli is the eight drivers to sign in for the F1 E championship after another noted F1 driver Daniel Abt. According to sources, Trulli has said that the Dryson Technologies has made the championship even more challenging. Lord Dryson, chief of the Dryson technologies said : “I am privileged to be a part of this reputed motorsport where a bunch of professional drivers have participated. I hope that Trulli’s team and Dryson technologies will click together.” Formula E Championship CEO Alejandro Agag also welcome Trulli and his team into the event and said Dryson remains the part of the F1 E championship family.

Jul 14

Montreal Show Walkaround Vaquero Vulcan 2013 2013 ABS Kawasaki Motorcycle 1700

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Jun 14

Birmingham AL Vulcan view

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Jun 14

Mark Smith Not To Be Part Of The Restructure

Caterham has decided to part ways with the company and technical director Mark Smith so as to form a technical committee in an attempt to move it up the ladder and make it suitable for the Formula 1 grid. This committee comprises of the former performance director, that is, John Iley, Jody Egginton, the ex-deputy technical director and lastly Gerry Hughes, the chief engineer. They will have to report directly to Cyril Abiteboul, the team principal. These three have said bye-bye to their old roles and have assumed new positions within the squad. Iley is now the head of performance engineering, Egginton is the head of design and manufacturing and Hughes is the head of trackside operations along with his previous role as chief engineer.

Abiteboul did not deny tribute to Smith who played a big role since 2011 but he felt that it was necessary to restructure for the team to be able to move forward.  He said that it wasn’t an easy decision to make considering how talented Mark was but the solution to the problem was in restructuring the team to increase the on-track performance. The formation of a new technical committee was required to do that. No matter how much they despise the fact that that decision had to be made, there is no doubt that it was a carefully thought over decision and was made for the good and best interests of the team.

The new structure has been able to give the three specialists a chance to shine in their respective fields and to help the team progress thanks to the investment in the new factory and in aerodynamic development capacity last year. As of now they are dissatisfied with the performance but with John, Jody and Gerry at the forefront with the support of the shareholders, partners and staff will be able to shoot forward in leaps and bounds.

Jun 14


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May 14

03 Kawasaki VN 1500 Vulcan

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